Adding an indoor water feature to your home is a way to bring nature indoors. More than that, it is a way of healing all aspects and areas of your life by creating a space that is tranquil, harmonious and calm.

Using clean simple designs indoor water features made of slate, copper or glass can bring the soothing sounds of nature indoors while making a stunning artistic statement that gives your interior design a unique and stylish appeal your friends and family will love.

Then at night you’ll discover our designs take on a new dimension as they turn into stunning visual features sculpted by light to add a new layer of depth, dimension and intrigue.

Our skill is not just in how our designs transform at night. It is also in how they sound. Water, if it is to create a sense of calm and tranquillity, must babble gently. Water, if it is to stimulate and energise a space, must cascade with honour and strength. It takes careful tuning and design engineering to achieve a balanced water soundscape appropriate for the space it is in.

Our craftsmanship, combined with our ability to design and engineer water sounds means that we can create indoor water features that create the perfect ambience for your home as well as offices, hotels, restaurants, retail stores and medical facilities.